Welcome to the Fairfield Township CPAA!

The Fairfield Township CPAA is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization with an active membership of approximately 40 Township residents and a total membership of approximately 120 residents.  We are a community service organization created by the graduates of the Fairfield Township Citizen's Police Academy program whose activities help support the FF Twp Police Department.  We supplement police officer resources in a non-official capacity by assisting:
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  • directing traffic at large local events
  • provide vacation home checks to help ensure a safe and secure community
  • assist in child fingerprinting program
  • participate in several local celebrations
  • raise funds to procure ancillary supplies that may not be in the budget.  Items purchased include:
    • Tasers for each officer
    • A.E.D. for each patrol car
    • Laptop to be used for the Child Fingerprinting program
Become involved!  For more information about the Fairfield Township Police Department and enroll in the CPA program, click here or click the CPAA logo to the right.

What's Happening?

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